Meet The Crow’s

Dad, Ian, is a self confessed foodie with an enthusiasm for trying every weird and wonderful cuisine on offer. Combined with an appreciation for a good wine, Ian is in seventh heaven about the move to France. Not forgetting that he is a sport fanatic (thank goodness the satellite dish works)!

Mum, Lauren, when not doing the ironing, loves baking, crafting and creating with the girls. As a result of this passion, one of the most important items brought over in the big move was Lauren’s trusty Kitchen Aid! However, delivery has been taken of knitting materials, a new skill that is (hopefully) going to be learnt on the run up to Christmas 2016. Watch this space!

Evie, aged 10, is the brain box of the family. Not content with just learning at school, she pushes herself constantly with a hunger to acquire as much information as possible. Evie loves being outdoors and riding her bike, feeding the chickens and experiencing new things. Speaking fluent French is her next target!

Isabelle, mainly referred to as Poppet, is the baby of the Crow family at 8. She loves nothing more than having a cuddle with mummy or daddy bear, playing with her dolls and abundant amounts of teddies and has an actual obsession with Rabbits. Her most favourite possession is her Rabbit, Bubbles, who has one ear and is very scruffy! Isabelle has the ability to make anyone smile. The entire family are convinced she has an upcoming career as a comedienne, she entertains us on a daily basis without even realising it.