Outstanding October

October has been an equally busy month for very different reasons. The house is sorted and we are finding that our weekly routines are settling down. The girls are now comfortable with getting the school bus and look forward to going to school every day, albeit one or two wobbles but they were soon resolved.

News! We have had visitors!! Early October saw my Grandparents come out and visit for a week. They have missed the girls so much and were thrilled to be able to spend a week with us. We ate out LOTS and took them to visit the local market in Chalais, and Cognac about 30 minutes away from us. My Grandad took a liking to all the local wildlife we have around us, discovering Coypu (an otter type creature) in a small lake near our house, and turning into David Bailey the photographer much to my Grandma’s annoyance! Well you can never have too many pictures of white cows haha! The day that they flew home Ian picked up my parents and they spent 10 days with us too. More eating out, drinking and visiting places followed! We went on the Hennessy Tour in Cognac (see Ian’s blog), and even though i wasn’t too bothered about going, i really enjoyed it.

The girls had 2 weeks off for half term in which we took a trip down to San Sebasian. Ian has done a separate post about our trip, it was fantastic! It was a lovely place which we would recommend and we will definitely be visiting again. Its not often you can swim in the sea at the end of October! On our way back from San Sebastian we went through the Pyrenees, driving through amazing countryside with views to die for. We found a great little B&B in Oloron St Marie for the night before making our way back home….and in true Ian style we took the long way round!


The school holidays came to an end with a Halloween party, fancy dress of course, which included conker matches, a gunge lucky dip bucket, plenty of beer and good food. Not quite sure on how good an idea being Mrs Frankenstein was, I was still green the day after!

All in all, life is good, the kids are great and France is even better!!

Lauren x

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