Our October School Holiday

In the school break I did lots of things. We went on holiday to San Sebastian where I swam in the sea with my sister and every day we went on a hike down the hill to get into town! I have tried a lot of tapas and very nice desserts. My stepdad Ian lost his favourite jumper somewhere on the last day.


We went back to look for it but couldn’t find it. When we got back home me and my sister went to go for a walk and pick wood for the fire. There are lots of woods around our house, we also picked chestnuts and walnuts. On the 31st we went to a Halloween party and I was a zombie school girl, Isabelle was a freaky doll and Mum and Ian were Mr & Mrs Frankenstein!

Evie x


In the holidays we drove in the car for 4 hours. When we arrived at the hotel it was so cool because they were 2 sets of bunk beds in our room so me and Evie could both have a top bunk!


We had an amazing view and when we walked down to the restaurants we would see lots of billy goats and ponys. The tapas was really good and I ate squid and it was horrible.


After we went to Spain, when we got home we went to a Halloween party and I was a creepy doll and mum painted my face really good, I ate lot of sweets. I got all of the sweets from this game were they were lots of sweets in this black bag and you had to find the sweets but it was hard because they were lots of slimy goo and they are little squisy balls and it was very fun. The next day we went to get fire wood from the forest because its starting to get a little colder at night. THE END.

Isabelle x

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