Swift September

When we came up with the idea for our website it was my intent to write a blog post to summarise what the Crow’s have been up to each month. So here is September’s, slightly late…………but better late than never!

September has been one of the craziest months of my life. Packing up our house in England was stressful enough in itself. I HATE packing and unpacking equally! As our French house comes furnished, luckily it wasn’t anything big. But when we were unloading the car it seemed as though there were hundreds and hundreds of boxes and vacuum bags to move inside and unpack…..urgh.

I left the kitchen to Ian as that’s his department. The first thing I did was remove all the generic pictures from the walls and put up our own. Even with this little change the place was becoming to look more like our home. The girls were delegated with the task of unpacking their boxes upstairs (out of the way), and with the help of some background music to keep us going, we were off.

It did become apparent quite quickly that we didn’t have half as much storage as we needed. The kitchen was lacking, without room for all Ian’s gadgets and pans, and the girls room looked like a bomb had hit it (scary considering how much we threw out when we packed!). There is only one place you can go to solve all your storage needs, Ian’s favourite (most hated) place…………IKEA. Lucky for us its only an hour away in Bordeaux, and as the girls discovered, Toys R Us is next door!

So now my house is also my home, looking how I want it, and because you can never go to IKEA for just what you need, also complete with matching cushions and throws!

September also saw the girls start school. They have exceeded our expectations in every way, quickly picking up the language, making new friends, eating food we never thought possible and generally making our lives brighter with their confidence and courage. This is more than evident in their first day pictures! They will be posting a blog of their own soon…….much to their annoyance. I quote ‘Which random people will want to read about our school mum? Do I have to?’ Errrrm yes you do.

Evie and Isabelle have also discovered a huge amount of conker trees around our house. After some research we had lots of fun creating conker crafts for our house, especially as its said they deter spiders!! There are now conker people all over the house 🙂

We were lucky enough to have our neighbours host The Lord Chamberlain’s Men in our shared garden. Our ‘VIP’ seats on the raised pool side, with a glass or 3 of fizz, watching the performance of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ was nothing short of fantastic. If you ever have the chance to see these guys then it is a must, even the girls loved it. They do tour the UK, but lucky for us ended the tour out here. Their website http://www.tlcm.co.uk will have details for next year.

There have been lots of other bits happen in September, too many to write about in detail, and I don’t want to bore you! We had an epic thunderstorm which went on all night and frightened the kids to death, naturally it happened when Ian was back in the UK so I had to sleep in the girls room that night (for their benefit of course!). We met the resident chickens, Henrietta, Madeleine and Colin the girl. They all have their own little personalities and are very entertaining, especially when chasing the girls for scraps of food. They look almost like a pack of velociraptors.


Look out for October, which will be coming very soon!

Lauren x


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