School by Evie and Isabelle

Evie’s Story

The school that I go to is good and I like that we get homemade lunches. I have learned a lot of French and my teacher speaks German and French but not English. When I started there was a boy in my class who speaks English and he helped me. Now I hardly need his help at all!

The classrooms are very different and unique. We sit on individual wooden desks and we walk to the dinner hall every day to eat dinner. We have 1.5 hours for lunch which usually has 4 courses. We have a starter, which is normally a salad, main course, cheese and dessert. Every meal comes with lots of bread. Also, there is a nursery down the road and we go there to read books to the nursery children.

I have made very nice friends and everyone is really nice. My school is very small and has 37 children in it with 2 classes. We get 2 long break times to play out and normally get some snack, like fruit. In the school yard we play games like hopscotch and have lots of fun.

So far I have been on 4 school trips and they were so fun. One was about animals and habitats in the water. We wore wellingtons and went fishing in the river with nets. I caught some small fish and sea snails but we put them back. We have also been to watch a performance about different music from around the world. They were playing instruments like flutes, violin, piano, drums etc.

This is the school and the library.

Isabelle’s Story

French school is the best experience I have ever had in my life and the best thing is learning knew words and helping the class learn English. Also my teacher is very nice and helps me lean French. I also get to make knew friends and they are very nice.

I only have 23 people in my class because it is only 1 class but it is mixed with kids in year 3 and year 4.We are not allowed to bring pack lunches. In our school we have a room called the cantine (the dinner hall) and we have a cook called Corrine. She makes  great dinners and last week she made ratatouille and it was amazing. We go on a bus to school and it is very fun and the bus driver is very nice. In the mornings we have a lady called La and she is nice and funny, she helps everyone get their seat belts on.

My school is called Oriolles and we have old school desks, in 2’s, with a compartment  underneath. We also have a really big chalk board and our classroom is really really big. We bring our own pens and other things in our backpacks. Some times if it is people’s birthday 🎉 the dinner lady (Corrine) makes a birthday cake and we get to help make it. Afterwards we get to eat it!! On the bus if we are lucky we see a snake or a deer.

We also have half days on Wednesdays . Last Wednesday we went to see a show about this girl and her friend and they travelled to different places in the world and there were lots of different instruments like a violin, piano, flute and drums. We also have this after school club and it is called TAP and we do lots of crafts and games,mosaics and drawing and making Halloween masks and that is my favourite part of the day. My teacher is called Adaline Roux and the people who do TAP are called Alan and Florence .

This is my school.



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