Treating the Grandparents at Le Poirier Restaurant

We have had the pleasure of Lauren’s Grandma & Grandad staying with us this week. They’ve begun to understand our love of the Poitou-Charente region  and I am sure they will be back before Christmas.

We’ve taken them twice to our favourite restaurant, Le Poirier, in nearby Bardenac. Restaurants like Le Poirier are one of the main reasons I wanted to live in France. Rustic french cooking at its best.

The formula is quite simple. They only open for lunch, serving a 7-course menu the 13€. Yes thats not a typo…thirteen euros!!! There is no choice. All the food is local, seasonal and its is simply cooked.

Theres no fancy service, you use the same crockery and cutlery for all the courses, just wipe you plate with the bread that’s part of the 13€ price!!! Oh I forgot….the 13€ includes all the red (or rosé) wine you can drink (and water t00!)

The service is swift and simple. You get every course served on a platter and just help yourself until you’ve finished that course. Oh I forgot again….the 13€ includes your tip* too, although I always leave a little bit more.

*The price you pay for your meal in France always includes tax and tip. You only pay what you price you see on the menu and it is illegal for them to add an extra service charge on your bill.

The seven courses usually consist of Soup, Vegetable dish (we’ve had potato salad, mushrooms, couscous), a Carb dish (e.g.Vol-au-vonts, Croque Monsieur), Meat (usually Pork) served with a vegetable dish (ratatouille is the latest seasonal dish), Salad (just fresh lettuce in a dressing, always served after the meat), Cheese, Dessert & finally coffee. You can also sit outside and enjoy the glorious view 🙂


On Sundays they still do the seven course menu, but the meal takes on a more relaxed tone, with lots of French families treating themselves. The ingredients are more expensive and the price goes up to a whopping 21€ for adults and 11€ for kids. You also get new plates for each course 🙂

Here’s what we had today

Some nibbles with our Aperitifs


Red Pepper Soup


The next platter was actually two courses. Charantais melon with local air dried ham and foie gras paté


Fish Course (Monkfish I think)


Charolais Veal with a Cep Potato Cake & field mushrooms, cheese stuffed courgettes


Salad and Cheese followed (sorry no photo), but the cheese board was yummy. Finally dessert was a really light raspberry sponge.


Coffee finished off a splendid meal which was enjoyed by all, including the little ladies.

As everyone who knows me will testify I love my grub. Much that I like fine food I would prefer this type of meal over michelin starred food any day of the week. This is the sort of place you could come every week of the year, as it appears a lot of the locals actually do and we seem to have done since our first week here!!

Bon Appetit et a bientôt


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