Floyd on France

I have always enjoyed cooking and entertaining friends. My passion for cooking was first stoked by the late, great Keith Floyd. His TV programme and subsequent book “Floyd on France” was my first insight into french cooking. My copy of his book, as you can see, is well used and is also signed with a wine glass as befits the great man himself.

I have cooked many of his classics over the years. Coq au VinFrench Onion Soup,Bouillabaisse ,Boeuf Bourguignon & Chicken stuffed with 30 cloves of garlic have long been my amongst my favourite recipes.

His book has, of course, followed us to France and now having settled here I have begun to stock up the kitchen with olive & sunflower oils, flavoured chilli oilsherb oils, vinegars, herbs and spices, peppers & salts and other condiments, that are, according to Floyd, french cooking essentials. However each new purchase is often met with a roll of the eyes from Lauren when I say it essential for the kitchen!! I think six different types of salts is enough now 🙂

I hope to regularly blog about my kitchen exploits, giving recipes too for the simple country food I love to cook. I aim to make the most of the local produce. Nettle soup has been a firm favourite. I’ve started preserving, making the most of the abundant walnuts, figs, rhubarb & tomatoes. We have also begun making a sourdough starter and hope to bake bread when it’s ready.

More of this in future blogs along with our trips to the amazing restaurants in the areas, but I will leave you with this link to a classic Floyd of France clip.

Ian 🙂

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